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Sam Thompson

1:1 Nutrition Counselling

Are you ready to ditch  distressing gut and hormone related symptoms and start living life on your own terms? Let's work together to find you symptom relief!


Initial Consult

60 minutes


What to expect:

  • Prior to your initial consult you will fill out a detailed intake form and complete a 3 day food journal. You may also provide any lab work you've had done within the last 6 months.

  • During the initial consult we will discuss your health concerns and goals, and dig deeper into your story to get a better understanding of the root cause of your condition.

  • You will leave the session with new knowledge and 1-3 actions items.

60 Minute Follow Up

60 minutes


What to expect:

  • 60 minutes is recommended for the first 1-3 follow-ups and for individuals needing more complex support.

  • At follow-ups we will always start off by reviewing your symptoms and goals, noting any changes since the previous appointment.

  • At your first follow-up we will map out your personalized nutrition care plan, this may include:

    • 4R gut healing protocol​

    • Low FODMAP diet

    • Anti-inflammatory diet

    • Personalized diet plan

    • Supplement recommendations

    • Lifestyle recommendations

  • At future follow ups we will reassess and refine your plan.

  • I go deep with you to help you identify road blocks and develop strategies to overcome those challenges.

45 Minute Follow Up

45 minutes


What to expect:

  • 45 minute follow ups are for maintenance, on-going care, and individuals who need less support.

  • At these follow ups we will discuss changes and challenges to date, and reassess and revise your plan.

  • I'm here to coach you through diet and lifestyle changes, and hold you accountable to your goals. 


Discovery Call

15 minutes

I know that picking a new health care practitioner is a big deal! I want you to feel confident in your decision to work with me, so if you're feeling hesitant book a free 15-minute Discovery Call. We can chat about your health goals and concerns, and determine whether or not we're a good fit.

Kind Words

Laren P.

"Sam is encouraging, realistic, and knows when to give the tough love! But most importantly, she helped me see that slipping doesn’t mean starting from square one."

I reached out to Sam to help me with some stomach issues, which I discovered from our appointment is IBS. Sam suggested a plan for me to follow a Low FODMAP diet and reintroduction plan to find out what foods trigger my symptoms. I was very reluctant at first; it seemed like way too much work and I naively thought that my issues weren’t that bad. However, Sam made it much less daunting. She asked me what parts of the plan would be most difficult, and coached me on how to work through those obstacles. For example, eating out was very common for me at the time, and trying to avoid this was causing me a lot of stress. But rather than trying to avoid it completely, Sam gave me tips on what types of dishes I could work with and how to make modifications to be low FODMAP friendly. This was a HUGE lifesaver for me. Sam is encouraging, realistic, and knows when to give the tough love! But most importantly, she helped me see that slipping doesn’t mean starting from square one. 


My journey was a success thanks to Sam. I was able to attend my sister’s wedding without any anxiety that I would be in pain and have an untimely “emergency”. I now know what foods and patterns cause my symptoms. While I still have flare ups sometimes if I’ve been easy-going on my restrictions, I now have the tools to reset my stomach and get back to feeling my best.

Take advantage of your health benefits!

If you have extended health benefits many of the companies offer coverage for Registered Dietitian services. Everyones plan is different so if you want to be sure you should call your insurance provider. 

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